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About Kill the DJ

Kill the DJ is an independent digital publication on the forefront of multimedia. We're here to discuss emerging trends, potential breakthroughs, and their impact on entertainment, creativity, communication, and beyond.

Run by a team of music tech and audio tech professionals and reporters, Kill the DJ covers AV stories that escape mainstream media's notice.

Through our digital pages, you'll find pieces that explore:

  • VR, AR, and spatial audio, as we research how these technologies are revolutionizing the way we live and breathe.
  • The synergy between artificial intelligence and creativity, as we examine how AI-driven algorithms are influencing music composition, video editing, sound production, and content recommendation.
  • Emerging trends in video technology designed to change our lives for good.
  • Ultimate and definitive guides on how you can benefit from the technology.
  • Critical discussions about the ethical considerations of these tech advancements, from privacy concerns in immersive experiences to the potential of media manipulation through AI-generated content.

We're not just reporting the future of audio and video—we're shaping it.

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