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OpenAI Unveils: GPT-5 to Integrate Video Capabilities

Photo by Jonathan Kemper / Unsplash

In a recent interview on the Unconfuse Me podcast, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, alongside Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, revealed plans for the upcoming GPT-5 update for ChatGPT. Altman explained that the new iteration of the language model would be fully multimodal, incorporating support for speech, image, code, and video.

While the integration of video analysis into the AI system could enhance reliability and enable the creation of contextually aware chatbots, concerns were raised about potential misuse, particularly regarding privacy issues. OpenAI has faced criticism in this regard, with a lawsuit filed in June alleging the use of allegedly stolen data in training its models.

Altman confirmed that GPT-5 is expected to be released later this year and expressed a commitment to advancing ChatGPT's capabilities, acknowledging ethical concerns and potential implications associated with the rapid progress in AI technologies. Microsoft's substantial investment in OpenAI, leading to the integration of its models into products like Copilot, hinted at a strategic partnership between the two companies.