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Songs That House of the Dragon Characters Would (Probably) Play on Repeat

Dragon match.

Photo by Jonathan Kemper / Unsplash

A highly anticipated HBO's "House of the Dragon" season two, which is a prequel to "Game of Thrones," set around 200 years before the events of the original series, is premiered on June 16. So while waiting for the release, we wanted to think which songs the main characters might add in their Spotify playlists and play on repeat. Two can play this game, so if you have other ideas, share them in comments below 🐉

Rhaenyra Targaryen - "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys

Credit: HBO 

Rhaenyra is a fiery, passionate, and determined individual. Despite the numerous obstacles and intense pressure she faces as she seeks to claim her birthright, she remains resilient and driven, much like the empowering and unstoppable spirit conveyed in this song.

Daemon Targaryen - "Sympathy for the Devil" by The Rolling Stones

Credit: HBO 

Daemon is a character with a magnetic yet dangerous charm. His actions are often morally ambiguous, and he can be seen as both a hero and a villain. The song’s exploration of a charismatic yet malevolent figure aligns well with Daemon’s unpredictable nature and the complexity of his character.

Alicent Hightower - "Control" by Zoe Wees

Credit: HBO 

Alicent Hightower's life is defined by her struggle for control and influence within the chaotic and often hostile environment of the royal court. "Control" by Zoe Wees deals with themes of feeling overwhelmed and seeking stability and control over one's life. The song’s emotional depth and exploration of inner strength align with Alicent’s journey as she navigates the pressures of her position, the demands of her family, and the complex power dynamics at play. This song reflects her internal battles and her resolve to maintain her influence and protect those she cares about amidst the turmoil.

Viserys I Targaryen - "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears

Credit: HBO 

As the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, Viserys embodies the complexities and pressures of leadership. This song captures the universal desire for power and the challenges that come with it, reflecting Viserys' struggles to maintain control and peace in a fractured reality. And constant cuts because of the Iron Throne.

Ser Criston Cole - "Take Me to Church" by Hozier

Credit: HBO 

Ser Criston’s character is marked by his deep sense of duty, loyalty, and inner conflict. "Take Me to Church" delves into themes of devotion and the tension between personal beliefs and societal expectations, mirroring Criston’s journey and moral dilemmas.

Otto Hightower - "The Man" by The Killers

Credit: HBO 

Otto is ambitious, calculating, and always seeking to consolidate his power and influence. The confident and self-assured tone of "The Man" encapsulates Otto’s strategic mind and his relentless pursuit of authority within the political landscape of Westeros.

Corlys Velaryon - "Sailing" by Rod Stewart

Credit: HBO 

Known as the Sea Snake, Corlys’s life and career are intrinsically linked to the sea. "Sailing" is a timeless song that evokes the freedom, adventure, and the vastness of the ocean, capturing Corlys's spirit as a legendary mariner and explorer.

Rhaenys Targaryen - "Unstoppable" by Sia

Credit: HBO 

Rhaenys, the "Queen Who Never Was," is a powerful and resilient figure who, despite being overlooked for the throne, remains a formidable presence. "Unstoppable" is an anthem of strength and perseverance, perfectly reflecting Rhaenys’s unwavering spirit and determination.

Mysaria - "Survivor" by Destiny's Child

Credit: HBO 

Mysaria’s rise from a lowly dancer to a significant player in the political intrigue of Westeros showcases her resilience and resourcefulness. "Survivor" is an empowering song that highlights themes of overcoming adversity and becoming stronger, much like Mysaria’s journey.

Aegon II Targaryen - "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish

Credit: HBO 

Aegon II’s darker ambitions and morally dubious actions make him a character who can be seen as a “bad guy.” The song’s edgy and rebellious tone reflects Aegon’s defiance and willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals, even if it means embracing a more villainous path.

Aemond Targaryen - "Renegade" by Styx

Credit: HBO 

Aemond is a fierce and determined character, often acting independently and with a rebellious streak. His actions throughout the series show his willingness to go against the norms and expectations placed upon him. "Renegade" captures the spirit of a defiant and bold individual who is willing to take drastic measures to achieve his goals. The song's themes of running from the law and being on the edge of society reflect Aemond's complex relationship with his family and the kingdom, as well as his own personal vendettas and ambitions.