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Ircam Amplify Unveils Software to Identify AI-Generated Tracks

Photo by Jason Leung / Unsplash

The Paris-based Audio-as-a-Service company, Ircam Amplify, affiliated with the esteemed Pompidou Centre, has launched a first-of-its-kind AI-Generated Detector tool, promising to bring much-needed transparency to the music industry.

Ircam Amplify's new tool claims it can screen up to 5,000 tracks in under a minute with a 98.5% accuracy rate in identifying AI-generated music. As hundreds of thousands of AI-created music files flood platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music daily, this technology arrives just in time. In 2023 alone, approximately 170 million tracks were created using AI, raising concerns about copyright infringement and the dilution of compensation for human creators.

Nathalie Birocheau, CEO of Ircam Amplify, said in the press release, “Generative AI is reshaping the creative landscape, especially in the music sector, where everyone can create music using AI tools. This is, quite rightfully, a concern for all those who are involved in the creation, distribution and revenue-sharing of music.

“Our AI-Generated Detector is a game changer. It will provide transparency where there was opacity. It will give a strategic advantage to the users of the detector and help them make informed decisions about music content. This is a much needed development for the market and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this new technological development.”

This development couldn’t be timelier, considering the recent surge in AI-generated music tools like Udio and Suno. Udio, for instance, allows users to generate music by simply typing in text prompts, boasting over 600,000 users in its first two weeks and an average output of 10 songs per second. Suno, on the other hand, recently raised $125 million, stirring the industry with its potentially copyright-infringing AI models.

AI-generated music tools have democratised music creation, but at what cost? Suno's and Udio's AI-generated tracks often suspiciously resemble copyrighted songs, which surely raises questions about the ethical and even legal implications of AI in music.

Amidst this AI-generated music boom, Ircam Amplify’s AI-Generated Detector offers a solution. According to Romain Simiand, Chief Product Officer, the tool leverages their expertise in Music Information Retrieval (MIR) and audio AI to differentiate between human-created and AI-generated music. The specificity of their algorithm even allows them to identify which AI model was used to generate a track.

The AI-Generated Detector is part of Ircam Amplify's broader suite of innovative tools, including Music Tagger, Vocal Separator, Loop Extractor, Infringement Detector, Cover Detector, and Speech to Text Generator.

With AI-generated music showing no signs of slowing down, the music industry stands at a crossroads. Tools like Ircam Amplify’s AI-Generated Detector could be pivotal in maintaining the balance between innovation and integrity, ensuring that the explosion of AI creativity does not come at the expense of human artists.