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Leaked: Spotify Confirms Test of AI-Powered Playlist Creation

Photo by Reet Talreja / Unsplash

Earlier this year, Spotify launched its AI DJ and AI-powered voice podcasts translation, and now, Spotify is taking another step to mix artificial intelligence and one of its features. This new feature, which is currently in testing, allows users to create playlists based on prompts. It was spotted by a TikTok user and confirmed by Spotify to TechCrunch. While the company is still not ready to commit to a public launch, the test suggests that Spotify is serious about utilising AI to enhance its music streaming platform.

How the new Spotify AI playlists feature will work

According to that TikTok video that showed off the feature, users will be able to access the feature from "Your Library" in Spotify's app by clicking + in the top right corner of the screen. Then, they'll see a pop-up menu, and the AI playlist feature appears underneath existing "Playlist" and "Blend."


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To use the new feature, users will be able to either type in a prompt or select from a list of suggested options. The AI then generates a playlist based on the prompt, allowing users to refine it further by swiping left to remove any unwanted songs. This approach marks a departure from Spotify's traditional playlist creation method, which relies on user-curated playlists and even more personalised recommendations.

Spotify's investment in AI is not limited to playlist generation. The company has already launched an AI DJ feature that offers personalised playlists and commentary, and CEO Daniel Ek has hinted at further AI applications, including podcast summarisation and audio ad creation.

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