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Spotify Is Testing New Monthly Stats Feature, Your Sound Capsule

Photo by Behnam Norouzi / Unsplash

Redditors have noticed that Spotify is quietly rolling out monthly statistics, called Your Sound Capsule. No need to wait for Spotify Wrapped that usually takes place in December, then?

The feature, which is currently available in India, Indonesia, and Brazil, shows how many minutes you've listened to music this month, top five songs/artists of the month, and various fun facts (for example: this week you listened to Taylor Swift 30% of the time). It also suggests "Music for Right Now," which is kind of similar to Spotify Daylists.

Credit: Spotify

What is Your Sound Capsule on Spotify?

Your Sound Capsule is a bit akin to Spotify Wrapped as it allows you view your listening statistics and habits, but, unlike Spotify Wrapped, it does it for every month, starting with January 2023. And it will be available only to paying customers.

According to the LinkedIn post of Vineeta Dixit, the Spotify's APAC Regional Director, it's "a new always-on, Premium-only feature."

"Your Sound Capsule brings subscribers in these markets deeper insights about their listening — with 6 different types of highlights to choose from and insights like top artists or songs, the average BPM of their favourite music, how popular their favorite artists are, and more," shares Dixit on LinkedIn. "With daily listening insights and weekly Sound Capsule highlights, users can also look back in time and see how their tastes and behaviors change month to month. And that’s not all. Every week, there’s a new Sound Capsule Highlight: a story about a user’s listening, like whether they were a top fan that week or had any unusual music pairings."

How to access Your Sound Capsule on Spotify

If you're outside the select regions, there's no way to do that. But if you are in India, Brazil, or Indonesia, you can check if you have Your Sound Capsule by following this path on your Spotify mobile app: Library → Profile (top left) → Sound Capsule.

Is it just us or does it really feel like they're ruining the magic of anticipation for Spotify Wrapped? On second thought, considering that it's only for Premium users, probably — not yet.