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Teach Your Dog How to Play the Piano with This Tool: CES 2024 Is So Focused on Dogs+Music This Year

Photo by Moshe Schneider / Unsplash

We're not sure why this year's CES is so keen on music tools for dogs but here's the thing: at first, it's this streaming service that reduces dogs' separation anxiety is introduced at CES 2024, and now—TheButter, a smart device that can teach your dog play the piano.

Unveiled at CES 2024 by Hong Kong-based startup ZooGears, a smart instrument is designed to teach dogs how to play the piano and features four keys with illuminated pads that guide dogs through playing songs loaded onto the device via a mobile app.

The concept is simple yet intriguing: the keys light up in a specific sequence, encouraging dogs to follow and produce musical notes. The company recommends rewarding your pets with treats or prizes, with the hope that repetition will lead to musical mastery, as demonstrated in promotional videos.

Constructed from pet-safe materials such as SMMA, SAN, PP, and silicone, TheButter is scratch-resistant, durable, and designed to serve water safely for years. The device is also free from BPA, ensuring the safety of pets during their musical training sessions.

Originally launched on Kickstarter in 2023, ZooGears quickly surpassed its initial funding goal of HK$ 50,000 ($6,380) for TheButter. Now available for purchase in the US at $99, each unit comes with a companion app to track and guide users through their furry companion's musical training progress.

ZooGears team describes it as the world's first smart music instrument and educational kit for dogs. As per the team, the device not only introduces dogs to the world of music but also aims to train them to be smart and disciplined pets.

Dean Také, the brains behind ZooGears, drew inspiration from his experience as a dog father and a product developer, combining his passion for pets with over 10 years of product development. The idea for TheButter was born when Také noticed his shiba inu, Jake, reacting to music, and realised that even if dogs might not sing, they can certainly play music!

After months of development, the team, comprising scientists, engineers, and musicians, have brought TheButter to life. They are currently conducting final tests, including a functional test in conjunction with the companion app.

A similar device, TheBiscuit, is also in development by the company. This version incorporates an automatic food dispenser, adding an extra layer of interaction and engagement for the canine musicians.