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TikTok Tests Auto Scroll Feature (Finally, We Won't Need to Lift a Finger!)

Not a false alarm.

Photo by Solen Feyissa / Unsplash

Imagine how easier your life would be if you had no need to move a finger when scrolling through the TikTok feed. Well, it's not a false alarm, but TikTok is seemingly testing the auto scroll feature, allowing you to finally enjoy binge-worthy TikTok content without a slightest move.

How to auto scroll on TikTok

Auto scroll, as the name implies, allows you to automatically get to the next TikTok video without swiping up or down.

So far, there's no native publicly available way to auto scroll TikTok content, despite dozens of articles that claim otherwise, because the feature is available to a selected group of users.

What TikTok does is endlessly loop a video you're watching, which is great for creators that who massive views while you're distracted from a video and do something else.

But it's all going to change when the AutoScroll feature is on. It's reportedly available to some users, but TikTok hasn't officially released it. TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms often quietly test stuff and make it available only to a selected group of users and influencers before making it public, so don't worry if you have no auto scroll available on your device. It will be soon enough.

How to find auto scroll on TikTok & use it

To check if you're among the lucky ones (we're not):

  1. Tap and hold any TikTok video in the For You section or the Following feed.
  2. If the feature is available, you will see a button next to the Repost, Captions, and Not Interested buttons.
  3. Activate it, and all the videos will automatically play one after another.

If you don't have it yet, you can automatically scroll TikTok videos with voice commands on your iPhone or Android.

How to turn off auto scroll on TikTok (if you have one)

Logically, you can turn it off. Just tap and hold the video once more and tap Manual Scroll.