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Verses' AI Music Video Generator Lets Fans Shape Their aespa Experience

Photo by GuerrillaBuzz / Unsplash

In a recent collaboration, experiential Korean music tech developer Verses has joined forces with SM Entertainment to introduce an innovative feature within the immersive "aespa world" experience. The latest addition, a "Beat-based AI music video generator," has garnered attention and earned a nomination at the 2024 CES awards.

The collaborative venture, which began in November, integrated aespa's music into the avatar-based metaverse platform Zepeto through Verses' Meta Music System. This system, previously recognised with the CES 2023 Best of Innovation Award, utilises artificial intelligence to create virtual environments that enable fans to actively engage in the creative process alongside their favourite artists.

Aespa world allows users to interact with the title track "Drama," manipulating the song's sound by engaging with objects within the virtual environment and even dancing alongside virtual representations of aespa members Winter, Karina, Giselle, and Ningning. With the introduction of the Beat-based AI music video generator, fans can now take center stage by featuring their avatars in personalised aespa music videos.

Distinct from similar tools on other platforms, Verses' AI music video feature is designed for simplicity, requiring only a tap to the beat for users to alter the camera angle, background, and song speed. The AI seamlessly takes over, generating the music video, providing users with a creative outlet that can be shared within aespa world or across various social media platforms.

Sean Lee, the Founder of Verses, emphasised the platform's focus on the younger generation of music fans who value self-expression. "With the AI music video generator, fans can transform play into an act of creativity," stated Lee. The user-friendly nature of the feature aims to offer a seamless and enjoyable experience for fans seeking to engage with music beyond traditional listening.