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Photo by Alvaro Reyes / Unsplash

YouTube has enhanced its "erase song" tool, allowing creators to remove copyrighted music from their videos while preserving other audio, such as conversations. This update, announced in a recent Creator Insider video (we're embedding it below), aims to help creators resolve copyright claims more efficiently and retain the ability to monetise their content.

Creators used to have limited options when facing copyright claims for music in their videos, such as trimming the affected segment or replacing the song with one from YouTube’s approved audio library. These solutions often compromised the video's original content, and creators could not monetise the clip until the claim was resolved.

The revamped "erase song" tool employs an AI-powered algorithm to more accurately detect and remove copyrighted music without disturbing other audio elements. But YouTube acknowledges that the tool may not always perform flawlessly. If the tool can't to remove a song, potentially due to audio quality or overlapping sounds, creators may need to consider alternative methods.

Creators can now also mute the flagged portions of their video, providing a way to remove the copyrighted music and resolve the claim. This enhanced tool will be available in YouTube Studio in the coming weeks.