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YouTube Introduces Vertical Live to Boost Live Streams in Shorts

Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

YouTube has introduced a new feature called 'vertical live' to boost the visibility of livestreams within the Shorts feed. This feature promotes livestreams specifically in vertical aspect ratio, aligning with the format of Shorts videos. Sherry Lin, YouTube's live product manager, elaborated on the rationale behind this move in a video announcement to a YouTube channel Creator Inside.

Vertical live allows users to stream live content vertically using a smartphone, thereby integrating live streams seamlessly into the Shorts feed. Lin said that the goal is to bridge the gap between Shorts and live content, making it easier for users to discover live streams while scrolling through Shorts videos. "We wanted to bring Shorts and live closer together," Lin says in the video.

Image credit: ICYMI by Lia Haberman

Lin clarified that this feature primarily caters to creators who stream impromptu content directly from their phones. Notably, vertical live supports all existing fan-funding features on YouTube, although advertisements are not currently supported.

To find the feature, users need to go to the Shorts feed, and as they're swiping through the feed, they'll come across a live that'll have a big grey button that says 'Watch live.' Users just need to tap that to watch the vertical live stream.

If you're a creator, go live on your phone in the vertical aspect ratio—you'll get displayed in the feed, and people will discover you that way.

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