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YouTube Music Introduces AI-Powered Custom Playlist Art & Speed Dial Feature

YouTube enhances user experience on its dedicated music platform.

Photo credit: Javier Miranda / Unsplash

Recently, YouTube Music has been implementing a series of updates and features to enhance user experience on its dedicated music platform. With the aim of competing with established services like Spotify, YouTube Music has launched features such as a comments section, timed lyrics, and even a TikTok-like Samples feature. The latest additions to the platform include an AI-powered custom playlist art feature and a speed dial functionality. Let's explore these exciting updates in more detail.

Custom Playlist Art: Unleash Your Creativity

One of the most notable features introduced by YouTube Music is the ability to create custom playlist art using the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Previously, playlist art was automatically generated by the app, merging the album covers of the first four songs in a playlist into a grid-like format. However, with the new AI-powered feature, users now have the opportunity to design unique and eye-catching playlist covers that genuinely represent their musical preferences.

To create custom playlist art, click the playlist's edit button and select the existing main image. YouTube Music will then present you with a range of categories, including nature, humor, animals, and more. Each category will generate a set of random images, allowing you to choose the one that resonates with you the most. You can also toggle through various options within each category until you find the perfect cover photo for your playlist. Once you're satisfied with your selection, save it as your playlist's new cover photo.

This new feature offers users the chance to personalize their playlists and add a touch of creativity to their music listening experience. While you can't upload your own images, the generative AI ensures you have a wide array of options, making each playlist cover truly one-of-a-kind.

GIF source: YouTube

Speed Dial: Quick Access to Your Favorites

In addition to the custom playlist art, YouTube Music is introducing a feature called speed dial, which allows users to quickly access their most recent listens, favorite artists, and playlists. This feature is reminiscent of the top section of Spotify's homepage, but YouTube Music appears to provide users with even more options.

With the speed dial feature, users can easily jump back into their favorite tunes without having to search for them again. Simply open the YouTube Music app and at the top of the Home tab, you'll find a section dedicated to your most listened-to music content. This convenient feature ensures that your favorite artists and playlists are just a tap away, saving you time and effort.

GIF source: YouTube

Expansion Plans and Availability

The AI-powered custom playlist art feature is currently available to English language accounts in the United States. However, YouTube Music has plans to roll out this feature globally in the future, ensuring that users worldwide can enjoy the benefits of personalizing their playlist covers. As for the speed dial feature, YouTube Music has stated that it will be available in the coming months, giving users even more control and convenience in their music listening experience.

These updates from YouTube Music demonstrate their commitment to providing users with innovative features and tools to enhance their music streaming experience. By incorporating AI technology, YouTube Music allows users to unleash their creativity and make their playlists truly their own. Additionally, the speed dial feature ensures that users can easily access their favorite content, making their music journey seamless and enjoyable.