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YouTube Might Soon Have Its Own AI-Powered Custom Radio Feature

Photo by Azamat E / Unsplash

First, Spotify with its AI DJ (which isn't exactly Spotify's own idea, as it turns out). And now, following in the footsteps of the streamer, YouTube Music is experimenting with a feature that uses generative AI to create custom radio stations based on user prompts. A Reddit user first noticed it (as it often happens) and shared a screenshot of the “Ask for music any way you like” interface, currently marked as an experiment.

According to 9to5Google, this yet-unannounced feature allows users to type or voice a prompt to generate a personalised radio station. Once available, an “Ask for music any way you like” card will appear in the user’s Home feed, alongside the existing “Start radio” button.

Suggested prompts include options like “Catchy pop choruses,” “Epic soundtracks,” “Upbeat pop anthems,” and “Moscow rock scene,”and “Surprise me!”

When a user enters a prompt, YouTube Music generates a radio station in accordance with it. The station is labelled “Created for you” and includes a description. The prompt that the Reddit user gives as an example —“Queer Hip Hop Beats” — creates a station described as “Rhymes and flows from the heart, a celebration of queer pride in hip hop’s art.” Users can view the first three songs and play them, pause, save the tracks to their library, or access additional menu options.

Currently, there is only one report of this AI radio creator, and it seems like the feature isn't appearing on devices of many other users. The feature’s availability and potential requirement for a YouTube Premium subscription also remain unclear.