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YouTube Tests More AI Features: AI-Generated Comment Summaries & Chatbot for Videos

Two more AI-driven features are now available to test.

Photo by Chris TDL / Unsplash

YouTube has announced two new AI-driven features available for YouTube Premium subscribers to test.

The first one offers AI-generated comment summaries, making it easier for viewers to understand the main themes in the comments section. These summaries are generated for a select number of videos in English with extensive comment sections. Users can click on a topic to see related comments, but the tool won't include content from unpublished messages, those under review, blocked words, or comments from blocked users. Creators can also remove individual comments they find problematic.

Image owned by Google

The second feature YouTube's introducing is a conversational AI chatbot that provides information about the video content. It's powered by large language models and is designed to enhance the viewing experience by offering insights and recommendations. This chatbot is accessible through a new "Ask" button in the YouTube app for Android at Initially, it will be available to a limited group of users and for a subset of videos, but YouTube Premium subscribers using Android devices can expect wider access in the near future.

These experimental features are optional and can be accessed by YouTube Premium subscribers from the YouTube experiments page.