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Deadmau5-Founded Korus Unveils AI Features for Music Creation & Partners with Netflix's 'Black Mirror' for Web3 Experience

A truly metaverse music ecosystem is in place.

Photo by Josh Olalde / Unsplash

Pixelynx, a metaverse music ecosystem co-founded by the famous Canadian DJ and producer Deadmau5 and operating under Animoca Brands, has revealed the newest improvements to its primary product, Korus. This platform uses AI to empower users to remix content using licensed stem files from various artists and music labels, enabling them to create new music and earn revenue.

But that's not all Korus can currently do. The team has recently added several new features to their platform to encourage artistic contributions, including interactive visuals, a layering tool, video recording, playlists, and a rewards program. The most significant feature of Korus is its proprietary tool called "Sound Mosaic," which uses an innovative music composition algorithm to create music based on uploaded stem files. Artists who contribute to the platform are compensated for their work and retain ownership of content derived from their stems, while users can share royalties with the original IP holders. Deadmau5's own AI model, "Mau5trap DNA," generated substantial revenue within 24 hours, demonstrating the platform's potential.

An interesting feature Korus has called AI companions, also known as "KORS," which are amiable robots that can create new music and album images based on user preferences. These companions have been created in partnership with music industry giants such as Mau5trap, Beatport, and Pioneer DJ. They will soon be able to develop their own personalities that are tailored to each user's interests.

Some more new additions to the platform include "Scenz," a video tool for crafting visually appealing content, and "Layer Mosaic," allowing users to modify stems and exercise creative control over drums, vocals, harmony, melody, and chords. Korus introduces a soft currency, "NOIZ," for purchasing audio and visual content as well as music downloads, rewarding users for engagement, creativity, and every day logins. To encourage new music discovery, the new playlist feature was introduced—it lets explore playlists from other users and curate your own content.

The team also unveiled a partnership with Netflix's "Black Mirror" to launch a web3 experience, aiming to integrate music, film, and TV seamlessly through core technology. With over 15,000 songs created and minted on-chain since its May launch, Korus is making strides in redefining the intersection of AI and music creation.