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Deezer Introduces Duo, a New Premium Plan for Couples & Roommates

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST / Unsplash

Just before St. Valentine's Day, Deezer, the popular music streaming service, announced it introduced a new subscription plan called Deezer Duo. This new offering aims to cater to users who wish to enjoy premium features alongside a partner or family member, at a discounted price.

Deezer Duo essentially provides all the benefits of the Deezer Premium plan but with the added convenience of two separate accounts. Subscribers will have access to an ad-free experience, the ability to listen offline, and high-quality audio streaming. Moreover, users can enjoy simultaneous streaming on multiple devices, making it ideal for couples or households with varying music tastes.

Image credit: Deezer

Paying €15.99 a month, subscribers can save up to 33% by opting for this plan compared to having two individual Deezer Premium accounts. This shared subscription model allows users to split the cost while still enjoying premium features.

With Deezer Duo, each account can connect up to five devices, allowing flexibility for users to listen across various platforms such as smartphones, speakers, and cars. Additionally, the plan offers the option to create shared playlists using the Shaker feature, enabling subscribers to curate music based on their combined preferences.

Existing Deezer Premium subscribers need not create a new account to switch to Deezer Duo. They can easily upgrade their plan within the account settings, with all their saved favorites and downloaded content seamlessly transferred.

Regarding account management, Deezer Duo offers both independent accounts and profiles. Independent accounts have their own login credentials and are invited by the Admin, while profiles are created from the Admin account and share the same login credentials.