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I Got My Music Taste Judged by AI & It’s...Atrociously Bad

Having some fun with an AI bot that roasts your music taste.

Photo by Escape Artiste / Unsplash

A curious AI tool made by The Pudding claims it can judge your music taste. Or rather, it judges what extent of awfulness your taste has reached and simply roasts it.

Disclaimer: This tool is surely designed for entertainment and doesn't actually provide any statistical or at least somewhat scientific evaluation of your music taste. Some reviews we've stumbled upon even said that the tool wasn't powered by artificial intelligence at all, which seems likely. It won't give you some sort of Spotify Wrapped, either.

One of the bot's creators says they "wanted to make something similar to Spotify Wrapped, but instead of celebrating your music, it would insult it." Well, let's see.

How bad is your streaming music? The Pudding lets you know.

The Pudding, a digital publication that creates visual essays with data, launched an AI bot that specifically judges your bad taste in music back in 2020. The AI bot relentlessly mocks you for your music preferences and ensures that you laugh at yourself in the process. Well, at least it tries.  

Regardless of whether you think of yourself as an elite music listener with refined taste, the bot will make sure to dismantle any illusions of being a "fine-music-listener-persona" that you may have built up in your mind.

Despite the common misconception, the bot can roast your music taste not only judging by your Spotify streams but Apple Music, too, so if you don't use Spotify, you can simply give the bot access to your Apple Music streams.

How to access the Pudding AI music judge

To access the bot, simply visit this "How bad is your Spotify?" page on The Pudding's website and give it access to your Spotify or Apple Music account.

The app says it's absolutely safe as it doesn't have access to your passwords or other sensitive data, nor can it post anything on your behalf; it simply needs to take a look at your streams.

After you've authorised with Apple Music or Spotify, the bot starts analysing your music, replying with mildly insulting comments and mocking you.

When asked if you listen to a certain artist, be prepared for a series of quick questions, including "Do you really listen to [artist's name]," "like ironically?"

Don't take it personally 🙃

At this point, it was a notion it gave me songs' titles that were not in my library at all, so we might assume the bot's analysis is not entirely personalised or accurate.

The verdict? Well, bad.

At the end of the bot's sequence, it outputs a series of hyphenated phrases to describe your music taste.

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