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Discord Now Has Live Radio Thanks to Partnership with Tuneln

Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN / Unsplash

Discord has joined forces with TuneIn to introduce a live radio feature to its platform. This is TuneIn's first venture into the social media space, the goal of which to leverage Discord's massive user base to expand its reach. With over 200 million users on Discord and 75 million monthly active users on TuneIn, this integration might bring a vast new audience for both platforms.

The new feature, called "TuneIn Radio & Podcasts," is available to all Discord users at no cost. This integration provides access to TuneIn's extensive library, which includes 100,000 local AM/FM radio stations, news, podcasts, and sports content. It also features specially curated music selections tailored to the preferences of Discord's diverse community, including genres like K-pop, Lofi, and Indie.

Credit: TuneIn/Discord

How to access TuneIn on Discord

Users can start a voice chat, click on the rocket-ship button, and select the TuneIn Radio & Podcasts activity. This feature is available across desktop, mobile, and web versions of Discord, ensuring that users can enjoy their favourite audio content wherever they are.