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Google Now Lets You Create Jingles with Over 100 Instruments from Around the Globe

Image credit: Google 

In their recent blog post, Google introduced a new AI-powered tool—Instrument Playground, created by Simon Doury at Google Arts & Culture Lab. With this tool, you can make music inspired by instruments from all over the world. Yes, yet another text-to-music AI tool.

Image credit: Google

How does it work? Just pick one from over 100 instruments, and MusicLM will make a 20-second sound for you. If you want to jazz it up a bit, throw in an adjective like "moody," "happy," or "romantic." To give a tune a bit of the holiday spirit, toss in "merry" or "joyful." You can also play with the sound clip in different modes like "Ambient," "Beat," or "Pitch" to get different effects. To discover new instruments that you've surely never heard of, start off by checking out 10 not-so-well-known instruments from around the world and dive into the music and instruments of India, Korea, Japan, or Brazil.

Image credit: Google

If you want to spice things up or polish your composition, you can switch to Advanced mode and use a sequencer to layer and loop up to four instruments.

As per Google, the project emerged with the idea of making a playful interface with MusicLM to spark creativity and let people discover instruments from all over the world as part of Google Arts & Culture's mission to find new ways for everyone to learn about different cultures. Right now, this Google experiment is only available in some countries, but it's coming to more places soon.