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How to Make an AI Song with Any Artist’s Voice or Without One (9 Options)

A list of great tools that’ll help you make AI songs and get AI sing in just a few steps.

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Imagine you could write a song without knowing a single note or compose a soundtrack with no skills in music production. Well, you don’t have to, as it’s quite possible already.

Artificial intelligence enables you to write music, create new compositions, or make cover songs with anyone’s voice. A plethora of AI music generators open up possibilities for those who want to create music without knowledge from scratch or for those musicians who wish to freshen up their creativity.

To create an AI song, there are generally two simple approaches: to use an AI cover tool or a combination of an AI music generator + an AI singing voice generator. There are, of course, more complex ways, too but we’ll stop at these two.

In this article, we’ll cover how artificial intelligence can create music and how you can do that with the help of AI.

How AI music generators & AI singing work

The AI is trained on a large dataset (i.e. audio libraries with stock music) consisting of songs of different styles, pieces, or genres. This could range from classical to pop or even specific types of instruments. Using algorithms, the AI is trained to recognise patterns in the data, like melodies, chords, rhythm, affinities to certain notes, etc.

Given a prompt (such as a few notes, a chord progression, a genre, or even silence), the AI produces a unique piece of music based on what it has learned. The output can be further fine-tuned or recombined to create entirely new compositions.

AI voices (also known as synthetic or text-to-speech voices), in turn, are programmed to convert text into spoken language. The goal of AI voices is to produce natural-sounding speech that can mimic various inflections, tones, and nuances of a human voice. They are often used in various applications such as virtual assistants (like Siri and Alexa), GPS navigation, voice-over for animations, automated customer support, and more.

How to make an AI cover song with any artist’s voice

AI music is one thing, but how about cover songs or songs that contain anyone’s voice? If you’ve ever wanted to hear how Freddie Mercury would sing a Lana Del Rey’s song, AI is ready to give that to you.

Let’s give you a bit more context, inspo, and examples.

How were these cover songs created, you wonder? With one or a combination of these methods.

LALAL.AI Voice Changer

If you need to change the voice of a singer or even your own to vocals of a chart-topping star, LALAL.AI Voice Changer is the right tool. It won't write the whole song for you, but it will change any voice to a voice of one of the 16 great vocalists. To create it, head over to the tool's website, choose a Voice Pack, and upload your audio or video file.

Then just let LALAL.AI Voice Changer work its magic and download the file with a changed voice.

Before (royalty-free track, downloaded from Artlist):

Yarin Primak NO CAP


Yarin Primak NO CAP converted mix LADY GAGA by lalalai

Discord AI Hub + Kits.AI

Use the combination of these tools to create an AI cover song with any voice and with any instrumentals. AI Hub is a Discord bot that has multiple voice models, not just artists’ but also fictional characters and public figures. is an online voice converting tool that can turn anyone’s voice into the voice of another person.

To create a cover song with this method, follow these steps:

  1. Download the song you want to create a cover of on your computer.
  2. Split the song into vocals and instrumental and download both files on your computer. You can do that with LALAL.AI, an AI-powered stem separator right in your browser.

3. Go to AI Hub -> Voice Model choose the voice model of an artist’s voice that you want instead of the original singer.

4. Download the model you select on your device. You will need that to upload to our voice converting tool.

5. Head over to -> Voices and upload the model you've just got from Discord.

6. Upload the acapella of the original song you’ve extracted with LALAL.AI.

7. Adjust the vocal settings like tones, etc.

8. Click Convert and listen to the AI voice.

9. If you like the result, download it.

10. In your audio editing software, such as Audacity or GarageBand, stitch together the instrumental part and the AI voice you’ve just made and edit them as you like.

Here you go! You’ve just created your first AI cover song.

Now, let’s cover all-in-one tools that can make AI sing. represents the forefront of AI song cover generators. Its cutting-edge technology, combined with a vast library of voice models, offers you the artistic freedom to recreate famous songs into distinct and customised covers.

The tool offers limitless generation credits, providing you with the liberty to create an infinite number of songs.

How to make AI song with Voicify

  1. Visit the official website of the tool.
  2. Create an account there or log in if you have one.
  3. Search and select a model that you like.
  4. Put a YouTube video link or drop the song to create a cover.
  5. Wait till the tool does the job.
  6. Save the result on your device once the AI is done generating the cover song.

No additional mixing or editing is required.


Uberduck is an AI-powered voice cloning tool that allows you to generate speech, singing, and rapping from text, make custom voices and let them speak, sing, and rap, as well as change your voice to someone else's, preserving the style. This tool can create only an AI voice that you can then merge with any backtrack in audio editing software.

How to make an AI song with Uberduck

  1. Choose a beat from the collection that the tool possesses.
  2. Write the lyrics and upload them to the tool or make the service generate them for you.
  3. Choose a voice from the collection or record your own.
  4. Wait till the app does its magic and download the file on your device.

After you get the track, you can then edit and master it in your DAW.


FineShare is yet another AI-fueled tool that lets you create AI covers. The platform uses an advanced AI voice cloning technology to change any song into the voices of your desired singers.

How to make AI song with FineShare

  1. Choose the AI voice model you want to use. You can select from more than a thousand voice models.
  2. Search by a song title, upload an audio file or directly record your singing voice.
  3. Once done, you can choose to send the AI cover to your email, save it, or share it with friends.

iMyFone VoxBox

iMyFone VoxBox allows AI to actually sing with its AI singing voice generating tool designed for text-to-rap, text-to-music, and text-to-speech applications. With VoxBox, you have the power to select from a variety of renowned singers such as Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Eminem, and more and utilise your own lyrics to compose a unique song. This enables you to adopt the AI-generated singing style of your chosen artist and infuse your personal touch into the music-making process.

How to make AI song with VoxBox

  1. Download and install VoxBox on your PC and open it.
  2. Select the AI voice type from the models that you want the AI voice to sing or speak.
  3. Upload your lyrics and click Convert.
  4. Wait for the AI voice track to be generated.
  5. Listen to it and export it for later use, i.e. for mixing with a backtrack.
Tip: For some tools, you’ll need to isolate vocals and a backtrack first and download them on your device. For that, you need to use the right tool, such as LALAL.AI or Vocal Remover. These AI-powered tools can accurately extract the vocal stem and instrumentals from a mix and give you some basis for your cover.

3 best AI music generators to make an AI song without a voice

Note that these tools generate a voiceless song by default. You can use these tools to create a unique instrumental track, import it to an AI singing voice generator, and mix them together, thus composing a great new song.


Mubert is an advanced AI music generator making significant inroads into the music industry by seamlessly incorporating technology and creativity. AI-generated tunes can be marketed via Mubert Studio, a marketplace designed to showcase your finest AI creations.

The music generation process is simple and comes through natural language text prompts. You can also set timestamps and other filters such as genre, mood, and activity.

To create music with Mubert, enter a prompt and set a desired track duration. You can also select the desired genre or mood. Then just click Generate Track. When it’s done, you can play the track, regenerate it, download it, or delete it.


Beatoven is an AI music generator that demystifies the complexities of music composition. With Beatoven, there's no need to possess advanced music theory knowledge or years of production experience to create unique, emotion-driven music.

Beatoven seamlessly integrates advanced music theory and production principles to deliver unparalleled musical compositions. You can customise the length, genre, mood, and instruments to compose music tracks that resonate with your vision.

All you need to do is to simply select a genre and compose!

Stable Audio

Stable Audio is an AI that creates music like an actual composer. All you have to do is to give a short prompt, determine the BPM, mood written as a single word, and the instruments you want to include in the output composition. Alternatively, you can use presets that have been already made for you. With Stable Audio, you can create proper mixes, just stems, or even sound effects.

How to make an AI song: Frequently asked questions

How do I get AI to sing a song?

For that, just choose the AI music, cover, or voice generator you like and follow the instructions. Each platform might need different steps from you, so make sure you pick the tool that matches all your criteria. We’ve provided several examples so you can select one from the list.

You can also use a Discord bot AI World or the So-VITS-SVC model, which is powerful but tricky to use.

Is there a free AI music generator?

Beatoven, which is on our list, is a free tool. If you need an AI voice generator that is free, you can use

Can AI create a pop song?

Artificial intelligence can create songs of every genre and mood, including pop. It all depends on the AI music generator and the prompt you use.

Is AI-generated music copyrighted?

At this moment, the legal side of AI-generated music remains unknown since even if you create music with AI, you may not be the owner of the generated track. But who the owner is, AI developers, artists whose songs were used to train AI or those who type the prompt, that is so far unclear. And if AI-generated visual art is stated that it isn’t copyrighted under U.S. law, if that applies to music is yet to be discovered and stated. Another question is if AI-generated music even requires a licence to use.

Can AI replace real artists?

Even though AI has made significant strides in various creative fields, including music, it is not a direct replacement for real artists. AI simply lacks true emotional intelligence. Human artists can infuse their work with personal experiences, emotions, and nuances that resonate with audiences on a deep emotional level.

What’s more, AI algorithms generate music based on patterns and data and are limited by the data they’re trained on. Humans are not.

AI may produce music or art, but it lacks the ability to understand the context in which it is created and the cultural or social significance it may hold. Human artists create within the context of their time and culture, which adds layers of meaning to their work.

So we hardly believe it can.

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