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Over 10 Million Tracks Were Created with Google's New AI Text-to-Music Tool MusicFX, Google Reports

Despite occasional debates surrounding AI-generated music, the widespread interest among users in such technologies remains evident.

Google's MusicFX, an experimental technology allowing users to generate their own music through text inputs, has witnessed remarkable engagement since its launch last year. With over 10 million tracks created, MusicFX has garnered significant interest among users.

MusicFX, part of Google's AI Test Kitchen initiative, enables users to translate textual prompts into musical compositions. The tool is powered by Google's MusicLM and utilises DeepMind's SynthID watermarking technology. It offers users the ability to create tunes up to 70 seconds in length, as well as music loops. Additionally, users can explore prompts with expressive chips, enhancing their creative experience.

Google has emphasised its commitment to responsible AI innovation, acknowledging the challenges associated with generative AI technologies. While MusicFX offers users a novel way to engage with music creation, Google has implemented multiple layers of protection to mitigate risks associated with inaccurate or inappropriate outputs. As per Google, "certain queries that mention specific artists or include vocals will not be generated."

Image credit: Google

If you're concerned with your personal data while using MusicFX, Google adds that it collects your "conversations, tool outputs, related product usage information, and your feedback. This data is stored in a manner that’s not linked to your Google account. Google uses this data to provide, improve, and develop Google products and services and machine learning technologies."

Users interested in exploring MusicFX can access the tool in the United States, Kenya, New Zealand, and Australia—regions, where the tool is currently available.