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Kits.AI Announces Kits Earn: Ethical AI Voice Library with Artist Compensation

Photo by Soundtrap / Unsplash

Grimes created Elf.Tech a few years ago to let fans use her voice in their compositions, and a few weeks back, Billi Eilish released an album with her isolated vocals so that music producers and fans could use them in remixes. Many voice cloning and voice changing tools have appeared since, but not all of them treat artists respectfully. Kits.AI, recognising these needs of music producers and vocalists, has introduced Kits Earn—an initiative designed to offer artists a new way to generate income. With this program, vocalists can produce a digital clone of their voice to be added to the Kits Verified Voice library, earning $0.085 for every minute downloaded.

Since its inception in July 2023, Kits.AI has collaborated directly with artists to license and release their AI Voices. Now, with Kits Earn and Verified Voice Models, they widen the doors for vocalists across all genres at any career stage.

Kits Earn seeks to build an ethically-sourced and fairly-compensated AI voice collection, so that artists can have the opportunity to turn their vocal talent into passive earnings—each time their AI-generated voice is downloaded, they receive compensation.

Artists decide whether to make their voice publicly available or restrict it to certain projects, retaining influence over their reach and impact. Verification ensures that AI models used are artist-sanctioned and of top quality, helping to prevent misuse or misrepresentation and safeguarding their digital reputation.

"We're proud to offer artists the chance to benefit from new AI technologies instead of being exploited by them," shared Kits Co-Founder Evan Dhillon in a press release. "Kits Earn empowers artists to share their voices safely and earn passive income, while ensuring that the voices used by Kits creators are ethically sourced and fairly compensated."

Kits Earn shows creators precisely how earnings are calculated and when they will be received. Through the artist dashboard, creators can monitor how their voice models are utilised, witnessing the royalties accumulate, all with the assurance of Kits.AI's Fairly Trained certification.

Credit: Kits.AI