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Music Tectonics Conference Expands with New Creator Fair

Image source: Music Tectonics 

The never-ending flow of gen AI music startups procreates a never-ending wave of content creators as the production of music is now easier than it has ever been. To embrace that, instead of fighting with it, Music Tectonics, which is among the biggest and greatest annual music tech conferences out there, introduces the Creator Fair that'll bridge the gap between industry professionals and creators.

The Creator Fair will take place alongside the Music Tectonics Conference at the Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica on October 23.

This new venue promises an array of activities designed to inspire and educate music creators. For instance, attendees can expect artist showcases featuring new instruments, discussions with creators and influencers about career advancement and brand partnerships, hands-on demonstrations of innovative musical tools, and networking opportunities with industry pioneers.

The addition of the Creator Fair is an answer to a growing need within the music industry, as per Music Tectonics 2024 keynote speaker Mark Mulligan from MIDiA Research, who describes the current state of the industry as undergoing a "bifurcation," where traditional industry practices coexist with a wave of new creators.

“The traditional commercial industry is being expanded by a new wave of creators who see music making in a whole new light,” explains Music Tectonics founder Dmitri Vietze in a press release. “Both sides are vibrant and growing, and both can benefit from closer connection and deeper inspiration. We want our event to reflect what’s happening and to empower everyone.”

Although specific details about the schedule and speakers of the conference are yet to be announced, the event promises a diverse lineup of thought leaders and innovators. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Mark Mulligan, MIDiA Research
  • Darryl Ballantyne, LyricFind
  • Tatiana Cirisano, MIDiA Research
  • Bruce Hamilton, Everybody Ventures
  • Bob Moczydlowsky, former MD of Techstars Music
  • Joe Tou, Sony Ventures

In addition to the Creator Fair, Music Tectonics will feature an AI Innovation track this year where innovative AI startups can show their product on stage or via a live demo and connect with industry leaders.

📍Full details on the schedule and additional speakers are expected to be released later. Find out more at the Music Tectonics official website.