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SoundCloud Launches Fan-Driven Playlists to Help Smaller Artists Get Discovered

Photo by Jakayla Toney / Unsplash

SoundCloud has always catered for smaller, up-and-coming, and independent artists, so now it's making a move that was expected long ago—fan-powered playlists that showcase music of those artists left behind the three majors' rosters—Buzzing Playlists.

More about Buzzing Playlists on SoundCloud & how they'll work

These playlists are updated weekly and sourced from Next Pro artists across various genres who have given their consent to get their music analysed by First Fans. According to the streamer, the feature will allow users to gain more exposure among new audiences and get featured in front of new fans. Fans, in turn, can discover new tracks in accordance with what other fans are connecting with.

Buzzing Playlists feature songs based on "genuine fan engagement," the SoundCloud announcement reads.

If you're a SoundCloud Next Pro artist, you can upload a new track and opt in to have it analysed by First Fans, the SoundCloud AI recommendation algorithm that uses machine learning to match people's music tastes to a song's profile.

When First Fans analyse your track, it will initially recommend it to 100 listeners who are more likely to love it—that's what SoundCloud assumes based on their listening patterns in the past. Then, the tracks are recommended to more people, up to 1,000.

Those tracks that are listeners engage with the most will get a placement on Buzzing playlist. Engagement consists of plays, replays, and playlists adds.

You can listen to this week’s Buzzing Playlists here.