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Spotify Launches Personalised AI Playlists in Beta

Credit: Spotify

We covered this in December, which was a leak back then, but now it’s official: Spotify releases prompt-based personalised playlists for its Premium subscribers.

This new tool to “fuel discovery and music curation” is currently available in beta for Android and iOS users from the UK and Australia. Premium subscribers from other countries will be able to test the feature in the upcoming months.

Spotify AI Playlists: How they work

According to Spotify, "With AI Playlist in beta, you can effortlessly turn your most creative ideas into playlists." Creating a playlist is entirely prompt-based: you simply type a prompt into the Spotify chat, and the platform generates a unique personalised playlist based on that.

Prompts can be different and as detailed as you want them to: "Looking for 'an indie folk playlist to give my brain a big warm hug,' 'relaxing music to tide me over during allergy season,' or 'a playlist that makes me feel like the main character'? AI Playlist has you covered. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert playlist creator, AI Playlist pairs our powerful personalisation technology with AI to deliver that perfect musical mix just for you."

In your prompts, you can refer to places, activities, animals, movie characters, colours, and emojis. Spotify shares in its announcement that "the most successful playlists" are made out of combinations of genres, moods, artists, or decades.

How to use AI Playlist

Credit: Spotify

If you're a Premium user from the UK or Australia, follow these steps to find the new Spotify gem:

  1. Head over to your Spotify mobile app and tap Your Library at the bottom-right corner of your screen.
  2. From Your Library, click + and choose AI Playlist.
  3. Type your own prompt or select one of the suggested ones.
  4. Wait a few seconds before Spotify generates a unique playlist for you.
  5. Manage the playlits—here you can delete or preview the tracks as well as ask AI to fine-tune it to your liking. For instance, you can prompt to add "more pop."
  6. Click Create. Your AI Playlist will be automatically saved in Your Library.

Spotify notes that non-music-related prompts (like current events or specific brands) won't work and won't generate a playlist. Nor will "offensive prompts."

"We also have measures in place around prompts that are offensive—so please prompt responsibly!" Spotify shares in their announcement. The streaming platform doesn't go into the details of which kind of prompts might be considered offensive but we assume these might be some racial or sex-related slurs.