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Vampires, Alchemists, Masterminds & More—Discover New 'Me in 2023' In Just Released Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped 2023 is here, and this time, it gets really, really personal.

Image credit: Spotify 

Get ready, Spotify fans—the moment you've been waiting for is here. Spotify is all about interactivity these days, so they're throwing in some new features to spice things up, as this time, it's more than just a rundown of your top songs and artists.

For the first time, you can also view Wrapped from any browser by visiting, says Spotify in a blog post.

But that's not all.

There's plenty of new stuff that has never been added to Wrapped before but what we especially liked is the new "Me in 2023" feature which doesn't simply tell what you listen to, but how you listened. The "Me in 2023" feature acts as a virtual mirror reflecting your unique musical personality.

Building on the legacy of last year's Listening Personalities, the "Me in 2023" feature categorises users into 12 distinct "listening characters," so think of it as a personality test for your music preferences, offering a revealing twist to your year in music:

  1. Vampire: Embracing a bit of darkness, you're drawn to emotional, atmospheric tunes more than most.
  2. Alchemist: Your listening habits are a laboratory, as you create your playlists more than the average listener.
  3. Time Traveler: Ever feel like you've met songs before? You're the one who goes back in time, replaying tracks on a loop.
  4. Cyclops: Loyal and devoted, you prefer to focus on one genre—sometimes even with a monocle on.
  5. Luminary: There's a spark in your listening habits. You're the one playing light, upbeat music more frequently than others.
  6. Mastermind: Knowledge is your power. You study a broad range of genres, making you a musical genius.
  7. Roboticist: You hit play, lean back, and let the clever algorithms work their magic—track after track.
  8. Shapeshifter: Your taste is as erratic as it is eclectic. One moment, you're obsessed with an artist, and the next, you've moved on.
  9. Collector: Your taste is sublime. You mostly listen to your own playlists, and honestly, who can blame you? They're perfect.
For all Collectors out there: Check this piece that reveals how an AI Spotify music taste judge bot roasts your sublime taste. 

10. Hunter: Always on the hunt for new favorites, you skip tracks more than your average listener. It's all about the thrill of the chase.

11. Fanatic: Once you've picked a favorite, you never let go. Your top artist dominates more than a third of your listening. Impressive.

12. Hypnotist: Your concentration is unwavering. You prefer playing albums all the way through, from the first note to the last.

Me in 2023 demonstrates a streaming habit that defined your music listening this year. When you flip your card, it reveals a listening character specific to your tastes and habits on Spotify, Spotify says in their Wrapped announcement.

More of Spotify Wrapped 2023

But there's more. Spotify Wrapped 2023 doesn't stop at introspection—it's a full-scale exploration of your musical universe. Within Spotify.

The introduction of Sound Town aligns you with a city based on your musical vibes, while the Top 5 Genres and Top 5 Artists, served up in a sandwich, show what and who you've been listening to all year.

Highly recommended read: How Spotify comes up with all those bizarre genres in our Wrapped. (It makes up some of them, proved). 

This year, Spotify Wrapped continues with Artist Messages, where one of your top artists sends a personalised note within your Wrapped experience. And if that's not enough, you can dive into the Wrapped feed for exclusive video messages from an array of artists, including chart-toppers like Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny, Peso Pluma, Dolly Parton, NewJeans, SZA, and Jung Kook.

The spotlight isn't just on listeners; artists, songwriters, and podcasters get their own slice of the celebration with personalised Artist and Creator Wrapped experiences. The Wrapped feed on your Spotify Home screen becomes the ultimate hub for all things Wrapped, offering curated playlists, artist merch, concert info, and more.

Another novelty of Spotify Wrapped 2023 is that for the first time, listener favorites shine with the AI DJ and Blend. The AI DJ, introduced earlier, guides you through your Wrapped with commentary on your top artists, genres, and songs. Act quickly, though—this exclusive DJ experience is available only during the first week post-Wrapped launch.

As you explore, don't forget to check the "peak listening month" for each top artist, and don't overlook the additional insights, like the day you consumed the most music—the highs, lows, and emotionally charged moments of the past year.