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TikTok Creators Can Now Seamlessly Use AI Creative Assistant Right in Adobe Express

Photo by Jakob Owens / Unsplash

Adobe and TikTok have joined forces to streamline content creation and marketing efforts for businesses and creators. The integration of TikTok's AI-powered Creative Assistant directly into Adobe Express offers a seamless experience for users to enhance effectiveness in content creation and distribution.

As per TikTok, "previously only available in TikTok's Creative Center, Creative Assistant is an AI-powered virtual assistant that can intelligently collaborate with you on your brand's organic and paid creative content and supercharge success throughout the creative journey on TikTok. This first-of-its-kind integration with TikTok Creative Assistant allows brands of all sizes to brainstorm, ideate, and create TikTok content all within Adobe Express."

How is it helpful? Available now as an add-on in Adobe Express, Adobe's tool for digital content creation and collaboration, the Creative Assistant brings TikTok's insights on trending hashtags and AI-powered tools directly into the Adobe ecosystem. This integration enables creators to access templates, Adobe Stock videos, audio, stickers, and a TikTok video creator within Adobe Express. Additionally, the Creative Assistant can help with brainstorming ideas and generating video scripts.

One of the key features of this collaboration is the ability to schedule and publish content directly to TikTok from within Adobe Express, eliminating the need to switch between platforms. The add-on is available for both free and Premium users.

The integration of Creative Assistant within Adobe Express also provides creatives with:

  • Best practices, trending topics, and strategies for maximising their visibility on the platform.
  • Insights from top-performing TikTok ads (might be useful for brands).
  • Editing tools tailored for TikTok-first content creation.
  • Streamlined workflows with no need to switch between multiple platforms for different stages of content creation.

To use the Creative Assistant, users can simply navigate to the add-ons section in Adobe Express and install it. Then, they just need to prompt the Assistant to generate ideas for their next video, use one of the templates, write a script for the clip, and schedule it for publication.  

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