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Warner Music Announces Biopic with AI-Generated Voice of Edith Piaf

Yet another late singer is going to be brought back with AI.

Photo by Artem Bryzgalov / Unsplash

Legendary French singer Edith Piaf, who passed away over 60 years ago, is set to be brought back to life in a new biopic that uses AI to recreate both her voice and image.

Image owned by Warner Music Group

Warner Music Group has revealed its collaboration with Piaf's estate for a 90-minute film titled "Edith," capturing the period from the 1920s to the '60s in Paris and New York. The AI-generated voice of Piaf will narrate the film, promising to unveil previously undisclosed aspects of her life.

The project, in partnership with production company Seriously Happy, aims to provide a modern perspective on Piaf's story using animation, supplemented by archival footage, stage performances, TV appearances, personal clips, and interviews. Warner Music Entertainment plans to develop the full-length film after creating a proof of concept.

In an official statement, Warner Music Group explained, "Animation will provide a contemporary perspective on her story, while the inclusion of archival footage, stage and TV performances, personal footage, and TV interviews will offer audiences an authentic glimpse into the significant moments of Piaf's life."

"Edith" is based on an original concept by Julie Veille and written by Veille and Gilles Marliac, working closely with Warner Music Entertainment president Charlie Cohen to bring the script and AI technology to fruition.  

As of now, no specific release date has been disclosed for "Edith."

Earlier this month, another legendary singer's voice was recreated with AI—the Beatles last song "Now and Then" uses artificial intelligence to bring back John Lennon's voice, isolated from an old demo.