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7 Internet Gems You Never Knew You Needed

Free Netflix for public-domain films, overlooked Spotify songs finder, country availability checker of movies on major streaming platforms & more.

Photo by Roseanna Smith / Unsplash

Just a selection of out-of-context funny tools that’ll make your life and work better and easier.

A place to discover Spotify tracks with 0 streams

Forgotify is a unique online platform that was created to revive and rediscover forgotten or overlooked songs on Spotify, giving them a chance to be heard by new audiences. The website highlights the staggering number of tracks that have either been played only partially or not at all within the Spotify music library.

The platform randomly selects songs from Spotify's catalogue and lets you listen to them.

To musicians and artists who wish to have their own music featured on the platform, Forgotify is open to submissions, welcoming anyone with something to share.

App that turns articles into audio is an awesome website that lets you listen to academic papers on the go. If you're a student or researcher, this tool is for you, as you can save time by turning your commute, workout, or cooking time into productive study sessions.

They've also made a mobile app just for this, complete with lifelike voices that make even the driest papers sound interesting. Plus, it pronounces all those tricky technical words perfectly.

All you have to do is upload papers from your desktop or mobile. If you're on mobile, just hit the Share button, and if you're on your computer, there's a handy Chrome extension. You can even upload PDFs directly on their web app. It lets you then choose which sections of a paper you want to listen to.

And if you hear a key idea, you can take notes with just one click. It's like having a personal assistant for your research.

Website shows streamers with 0 viewers to watch randomly selects a Twitch streamer with 0 viewers and streams their content on the main page. Apart from simply watching, you can also follow, chat, and subscribe to the streamers on Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next favourite streamers and discover some hidden Twitch gems here!

Site where you can find new music based on genre, theme, lyrics, or similar songs is an online tool that allows you to discover new music by a list of different parameters: genre, songs similar to your favourites, song titles, even lyrics, and more. Apart from that, you can also organise your Spotify library, download music, generate random playlists, and much more funny stuff.

App where you can extract vocals & backtracks from any song or video

LALAL.AI is a cross-platform tool that lets you isolate vocals from any audio or video with AI as well as remove background noise from a recording. LALAL.AI works online, has a desktop app for Windows and macOS, and iOS and Android applications. Great stuff for a plethora of tasks related to audio-making and editing.

Netflix, but for public-domain films

Voleflix, an online movie streaming service, offers a library of public-domain movies that you can view in a Netflix-like interface (well, kind of). It’s a good option for those who are looking for a free and legal way to watch classic movies. It even has Voleflix Originals, so definitely check it out.

Voleflix currently has a library of over 100 movies, and they're always adding new titles. The movies are from a variety of genres, including drama, comedy, horror, and science fiction.

Tool that checks the availability of movies & TV shows for your streaming services in every country

The title says it all. The idea behind Stream with VPN is as follows: if any title is not available in your country's Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, etc., you just go to this website and check if this title is available on your streaming platform at all, and if yes, in which country. Then you just need to use a VPN to watch it.

All you have to do is enter the movie you want to check and select your streaming platform subscription. The site will show you if the content is available. Then, you just visit your streaming service of choice and turn a VPN on.

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