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Apple Music Is Beta Testing Playlists Transfer from Spotify

Photo by Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

Apple Music is reportedly testing a new feature that facilitates the seamless import of playlists from rival streaming services like Spotify. This feature is being beta-tested within the Apple Music app on Android, as noted by users on Reddit. This integration seems to be in collaboration with SongShift, a third-party service that can transfer music libraries and playlists across various streaming platforms.

A Reddit user has spotted a prompt within the Apple Music for Android app, asking if they wish to import saved music and playlists from other services into their Apple Music library. Additionally, there's an option within the app's settings dedicated to this functionality.

Source: Reddit

"It looks like it's either A/B testing or just a bug/coincidence that made it appear to me. I deleted app data to see if it would fix the infinite loading and it disappeared from both sides," a Reddit user who spotted the feature noted on r/AppleMusic subreddit.

While currently limited to a subset of users testing the Apple Music for Android beta, it means that Apple is trying to enhance user experience and attract customers from other platforms.

As of now, it remains uncertain whether this SongShift integration will extend to Apple Music on iOS devices. However, Apple typically releases features on both Android and iOS versions of Apple Music, so iOS users might notice this feature as well.

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