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Apple Music Replay 2024 Is Now Rolled Out: No, You Won't Need to Wait Till the End of the Year

Photo by Mildly Useful / Unsplash

Updated: February 21

Apple Music users have reason to celebrate as the tech giant recently unveiled its Apple Music Replay for 2024. First spotted on Reddit, this feature allows subscribers to track their evolving listening habits throughout the year, similar to Spotify Wrapped but in real time. Unlike Spotify Wrapped, though, Apple Music Replay has been available since January 28, providing users with a head start in reflecting on their musical journey.

How to find Apple Music replay 2024

Accessible through both the desktop site and the Apple Music app, obtaining your Apple Music Replay is simple. Just log in to your Apple account to have access to a variety of statistics, including the number of hours spent listening, the count of artists explored, and a breakdown of top artists based on listening hours. While not as detailed as Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay does offer intriguing insights and curated playlists for users to enjoy.

Or you'll simply notice this notification.

Apple Music Replay 2024 should appear at the bottom of your "Listen Now" page if you've already added Replay playlists to your library before.

Some users may need to be patient, however, as the playlist might take some time to appear in their accounts. Alternatively, it could indicate that they haven't yet reached the required threshold of music streaming for the year.

For those eager to dive into the specifics, visiting the Replay website and signing in with Apple credentials can provide additional data beyond what's available on the "Listen Now" page. The website offers a comprehensive breakdown of your most-streamed artists and albums, as well as play counts and total hours listened.

The centerpiece of Apple Music Replay is its annual playlist, showcasing the top 100 songs based on individual listening preferences. Updated every Sunday, this playlist allows you to witness the evolution of your musical taste throughout the year.

Towards the end of the year, Apple Music plans to release a more comprehensive recap, delving into additional details such as top artists, albums, and total listening time. This year-round engagement sets Apple Music Replay apart, providing a continuous reflection on the user's musical journey.