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Ever missed adding a much-anticipated song to your library because you couldn’t wait? Artists hype up their releases, but there’s not much you can do before the launch. In 2022, Spotify rolled out the answer — pre-saves. You’re not limited to just watching announcements because the music lands in your library on release day.

The problem is that many don’t know it exists, and most likely, you’re unsure how to use it. Let’s sort that out.

Can I pre-save a song on Spotify?

The direct pre-save feature is currently being tested and may not be available for all users at this time.

With selected artists that participate in the program, it’s a straightforward process that ensures you’re among the first to enjoy a new release.  You just need to head to the artist’s page on Spotify. From there, you’ll find an option to pre-save upcoming releases.

How Pre-Saving on Spotify Works

Pre-saving on Spotify ensures quick downloads when a song or an album comes out. Back in May 2022, the test featured Florence + The Machine’s Dance Fever, which allowed users to pre-save for the first time. The feature is similar to App Store pre-orders, where users get instant notifications on release.

Previously, labels used pre-saved songs on Spotify since 2016, but the process was different. Labels had to develop tools and use Spotify’s API. The 2022 update made pre-saves an on-platform feature, which eliminated the need for external support.

The dedicated pre-save page is user-friendly — it displays pre-saved albums, countdowns, videos, and track previews. Released tracks are playable, while upcoming ones are grayed out. Overall, a smoother and more engaging music experience.

What’s the Point of Countdown Pages?

In March 2023, Spotify announced Countdown Pages, which took the pre-save experience to the next level. It’s now a one-stop destination that combines pre-saving, track previews, merch pre-orders, video clips, and a release countdown — all in one place.

Artists like Taylor Swift, Karol G, and the Jonas Brothers have tested it and reported over 80% of pre-savers streaming the new release within the first week. Just like before, fans who pre-save receive push notifications on release, and the album is automatically added to their library.

But there’s more — top fans can also explore the tracklist and watch exclusive videos. To be considered a top fan, you must have these artists high on your Spotify Wrapped, among other requirements.

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How to Pre-Save Songs and Albums to Your Spotify Library

So, are you waiting for a new song or album release from your favorite artist? Please note that the Countdown Pages feature is currently being tested with a few artists, and Spotify will expand this feature to more artists in the future.

Here’s how to pre-save albums on Spotify directly (for now, works with selected artists in the program):

  1. Go to the artist’s Spotify page.
  2. Find the Upcoming Release section and then the Pre-Save button.
Image credit: Spotify. Note that the feature is still in the works and might be unavailable.

3. Click or tap to pre-save all in one place.

In addition to that, artists sometimes provide direct pre-save links in their email announcements. If you’re on the email list, follow these steps:

Look for an email from the artist announcing a new release.

  1. Open the email and find the pre-save link.
  2. Click on the link.
  3. Follow any additional instructions provided in the email.
  4. This might include logging into Spotify or confirming your pre-save.
  5. Once completed, you’re all set!

Sometimes, artists also offer pre-save options right on their official websites. It’s another avenue to explore:

  1. Visit the artist’s official website.
  2. Look for a clear Pre-Save or Pre-Save on the Spotify button.
  3. Click the button for quick pre-saving.

Please be aware that immediate access to pre-saved content is not available.

How to Find Pre-Saved Songs on Spotify

How to see pre-saved songs on Spotify if they haven’t been released yet? You won’t find them in your playlist until the release date.

Spotify will automatically add the songs to your library once they are officially available. Keep an eye on the release date, and after that day, you’ll see the pre-saved songs in your playlist under the Your Library section.

You can be a fan and an aspiring artist at the same time, so Spotify pre-saves have something for everyone. If you’re considering trying a pre-save for artists, let’s build excitement and make your music easily accessible:

  1. Submit your song or album details, including the title and release date, through your preferred distributor.
  2. Log in to Spotify for Artists, find your release, and copy the link starting with spotify:album: or spotify:song.
  3. Use a third-party tool like Hyperfollow or to set up a custom artist landing page and pre-save button.
  4. Save the pre-save link.
  5. Add the URL to your bio on Instagram, X, or Threads, and your artist website.

Creating pre-saves as an artist isn’t as simple as adding them as a fan, but let’s face it, producing and promoting music is no walk in the park.

Bottom Line

Spotify’s introduction of the pre-save feature was a bit delayed, but it still was a game-changer. There are no strings attached — it simply guarantees you won’t miss out on new releases. Now that more artists realize the benefits for both fans and themselves, expect a growing array of anticipated, gray-colored albums on the platform.