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How to Turn Off Shuffle On Amazon Music: A Guide for Desktop & Mobile

Steps to take if you want to disable the shuffle mode on Amazon Music.

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Amazon Music is a music streaming service provided by Amazon, boasting a collection of over 100 million songs, which allows you to listen to a vast catalog of tracks, albums, podcasts, and playlists on a variety of devices.

Besides just listening, Amazon Music also lets you savor your favorite tracks in lossless audio quality or high-quality MP3 format, and its extensive music library spans across genres, catering to a wide array of musical tastes, from pop and rock anthems to classical compositions and jazz melodies.

One of the tools that lets you seamlessly enjoy your listening experience is the shuffle feature. But what if you want to turn it off? We're about to find out how to do that both on the desktop and mobile apps of Amazon Music.

Can you turn off shuffle on Amazon Music?

Shuffle on Amazon Music, or any music streaming platform, such as Spotify or Apple Music, is a feature that randomizes the order in which songs in a playlist, album, or queue are played. When you enable shuffle, the music player will select and play songs in a random order, so you won't hear them in the sequence they appear on the album or playlist.

And yes, you can turn it off, but only if you have an Amazon Music Unlimited premium tier. If you are a premium subscriber, you can play any music on demand in the queue, repeat or shuffle mode, as well as turn the shuffle mode off.

How to turn off shuffle on Amazon Music

The first step is to upgrade your subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited, which costs $10.99/month if you're not an Amazon Prime member and $9.99/month if you are.

💡FYI: What's the difference between Amazon Music Unlimited & Amazon Prime Music?

Amazon Prime members receive access to a selection of music through Amazon Prime Music as part of their Prime subscription, but it has a more limited library compared to Amazon Music Unlimited.

Amazon Prime Music is included as part of an Amazon Prime membership. If you have an active Amazon Prime subscription, you get access to Prime Music at no additional cost.

How to disable the Shuffle mode on Amazon Music for desktop:

  1. Click on Now Playing next to the song that's currently shuffling.

Check if the Shuffle button is highlighted.

2. To turn off shuffle, simply hit the Shuffle button (which should be highlighted now).

How to disable the Shuffle mode on Amazon Music for mobile:

  1. Click on the song that's playing on Amazon Music to open its Now Playing view.

Check if Shuffle is highlighted.

2. Hit the Shuffle button, so that it's not highlighted, to disable the shuffle mode.

How to enable the Shuffle mode on Amazon Music for desktop:

  1. Open the Amazon Music desktop app.
  2. Head over to the playlist, album, or artist that you want to shuffle.
  3. Go into the content's profile. Find and click on the Shuffle button.
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How to enable the Shuffle mode on Amazon Music for mobile

  1. Open the mobile app of Amazon Music on your smartphone.
  2. Select the playlist, album, or artist you want to shuffle.

You will now see various options, such as Shuffle, Edit, Download and More.

3. Click on the Shuffle button to enable the shuffle mode.

That's it—now, you have full control over your listening experience on Amazon Music.