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Music Tech Conferences Worth Visiting Next

Photo by Joshua Hoehne / Unsplash

Music tech conferences are a great place to meet all kinds of people from the industry. You can catch up with professionals, innovators, like-minded people, and even hobbyists passionate about the same things you are. It's a brilliant opportunity to make new connections and find like-minded people, potential collaborators, and key industry players. Conferences often feature workshops, panels, and keynotes from leading experts, so as an attendee, you can experience the latest music technology, from software and hardware to new applications of spatial audio mastering, stem separation technology, and other latest trends because understanding current market trends and emerging technologies helps you to stay competitive. This knowledge is essential to remain relevant in the fast-paced music technology industry.

Here is the list of the most promising music tech conferences to attend in the autumn of 2024.

IEEE International Symposium on the Internet of Sounds

30 September – 2 October 2024 // Erlangen, Germany

Erlangen, a town near Nuremberg, is famous for inventing the MP3 format. The main contributors to this well-known and used invention are the local FAU University and AudioLabs, the official partners of the IEEE Symposium. Erlangen is also a center of industry due to several tech companies, such as Siemens, located there.

Credit: IEEE International Symposium on the Internet of Sounds

The call for papers, music performances, and installations is still relevant, so you can be directly involved in the symposium and take an active part. The top points of the agenda are two workshops on the musical metaverse and networked immersive audio, as well as numerous paper sessions on various topics related to music production.

The already approved keynote speakers are Georg Hajdu (German composer of Hungarian descent, known for his work in music, science, and technology), Toon van Waterschoot (leads the Audio Engineering Lab, specializes in signal processing, machine learning, and numerical optimization for audio applications), Hanna Lukashevich (head of the Semantic Music Technologies research group at Fraunhofer IDMT in Germany). If you are into the scientific side of things, this symposium is totally the one for you.

DAFx24  27th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects

3–7 September 2024 // Surrey, the UK

The 27th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects will be held at the University of Surrey in Guildford, UK. It is renowned for its research and teaching in audio, video, and communications engineering, with a picturesque, well-equipped campus ideal for the event.

Yamaha, Ableton, and Soundtoys are among the main sponsors of this event. It is an excellent opportunity to gain insights into the latest advances in digital audio technology, network with leading researchers and industry professionals, attend cutting-edge workshops and presentations, and experience an academic and professional community. The conference is for researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts interested in digital audio processing, music technology, computer music, acoustics, and related disciplines.

You can attend tutorials and workshops held by industry experts. For example, Soumya Sai Vanka (Queen Mary University of London) and Dr. Marco A. Martínez-Ramírez (Sony AI) will run a hands-on AI workshop for multitrack music mixing. They'll focus on deep learning methods, building, training, and evaluating intelligent music production systems. Another interesting tutorial to attend is the one by Dr. Orchisama Das (SONOS), who will cover the fundamentals of room acoustics rendering for immersive audio.

The International Conference on AI and Musical Creativity

9–11 September 2024 // Oxford, the UK

This conference gathers researchers, practitioners, and fans who want to learn more about how AI can help musicians create music. The conference is excellent for those who want to share innovative ideas and discuss AI's impact on music composition, performance, and other creative aspects. It's a great place to meet and work together to develop AI-driven musical creativity and get acquainted with the most recent advances and their application in your professional life.

The announced keynote speakers are Dr. Maya Ackerman, an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Santa Clara University and the CEO/Co-Founder of the musical AI startup WaveAI, and Dr. Zubin Kanga, a London-based pianist, composer, and technologist, who expands piano possibilities through interactive multimedia and leads the Cyborg Soloists UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship.

Music Tectonics Conference

22-24 October 2024 // Santa Monica, CA, the US

Music Tectonics was set up to examine the changes in the music industry. Startups, major and indie labels, AI pioneers, streaming services, and essentially, the people who work in the intersection of music and technology are participating in the conference.

Notable companies that previously took part were Spotify, Bose, Pandora, YouTube, Google, TikTok, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Sony Ventures, and many more, so the conference clearly has broad industry reach and influence. This conference is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with those involved in or interested in the music industry's technological advancements and business aspects. You may also apply for a pitch competition to boost your startup and get support from investors and potential collaborators.

Among the announced speakers are people who work in investing in startups across various industries, including technology, entertainment, and media, as well as data analysts from MIDiA Research, who help industry professionals understand market trends to make informed strategic decisions. 60+ speakers from the music innovation sphere are to be announced soon.

Mondo NYC Music & Tech Conference & Showcase Festival

15–18 October 2024// New York, the US

This conference's goal is to empower artists and advance ideas within the music and technology world that are developing so quickly. It brings together the world's leading music and tech innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, legacy companies, media, and even academia as well as government to collaborate on the topic of music and tech. The conference might be interesting for those who would like to expand their network, connect with industry leaders, and even enjoy great new music!

Artists can also apply to perform at the conference and broaden their horizons on fan engagement, revenue generation, streaming, AI, and connected topics. You can also apply for a product reveal to attract early-stage investors and to take part in a panel to introduce your products or services to a big audience.

The agenda is rich with the events you can attend. Over 50 panels and discussions with more than 200 leading executives and entrepreneurs, 35+ live artist showcases in Manhattan and Brooklyn venues, networking sessions focused on the artist and songwriter ecosystem, technology impacts, and more are available for the participants. Mitch Glazier (Chairman and CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America),  Jem Aswad (Executive Music Editor at Variety), and Michael Poster (Chair of Music Acquisitions & Financing and Partner at Michelman & Robinson LLP) are among the speakers this year.

Jump Global Annual Summit

17–20 November  2024// Los Angeles, CA, the US

The event is positioned as the personal and professional development summit for humans in the music business. It differs from similar ones in this industry, with a special focus on leadership, mental health, financial literacy, effective communication, and stress management. The organizers believe these elements to be crucial for improving productivity and well-being within the music industry.

The summit is all about creating a supportive environment where industry professionals can share their experiences and insights, promoting collective growth and resilience. It provides valuable takeaways and practical advice through workshops, panels, and keynotes led by licensed coaches and industry veterans.

The Jump Global Summit is an excellent event for entrepreneurs, innovators, and professionals who seek to develop themselves, network, and stay current with the latest trends and technologies. This year’s speakers are still TBD, but some of the published speakers include music business professionals, Zane Lowe (Grammy-nominated Producer), activists, health well-being, and leadership coaches.  

No matter if you're a seasoned pro or just starting in the music industry, these conferences have something for everyone. Mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable autumn filled with music, learning, and networking.