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Spotify Releases Song Psychic: It Answers Your Questions with 'A Bit Of Cosmic Guidance'. And Probably AI

Should we wait for a new round of virality on Instagram and X?

Photo by Farzad Mohsenvand / Unsplash

Spotify goes even further with its interactive music experiences and releases Song Psychic—a feature that can answer your questions with music. Just a few months ago, we reported about Spotify Daylists, yet another new feature that went viral on social media and thus saw a 20,000% surge. Can we expect the same level of viral buzz with Song Psychic? Time will show, but for now, let's see what the new Spotify candy is about.

What is Spotify Song Psychic?

Clearly, someone from the Spotify team is really into astrology and all things esoterica with its horoscope-inspired playlists and now a whole Psychic — "a new, mystical music experience," as Spotify puts it. And Spotify staff aren't alone. According to the platform, Spotify listeners have created nearly 250,000 psychic-related playlists globally on Spotify.

Credit: Spotify

Song Psychic is like a medium (or basically an AI-assisted chatbot; we're in 2024, after all) that answers your questions... but with songs. Unlike other Spotify viral features (hey, Spotify Wrapped!) that gain traction due to their personalisation, Song Psychic doesn't analyse your listening patterns, nor does it curate playlists based on what you've been listening to.

Instead, Song Psychic leverages music to let you "tackle life mysteries with a bit of cosmic guidance."

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How to use Spotify Song Psychic

The feature is so far available only on mobile devices, so here's how you can test it:

  1. Visit on your mobile device or scan the QR code on Song Psychic’s website.
  2. Select a topic: School, Style, Lunch, Love, Career, Myself, My Future, Friends & Family, and Life’s Greatest Mysteries or "let Song Psychic read your mind and pick a topic."
  3. Ask your question. According to Spotify, you can only pick from a variety of pre-populated questions like "Should I go on this date?", "Should I book a vacation?", or even "What should I have for lunch?"

Alternatively, you can begin typing your own question, and the Psychic will suggest others you could ask.

4. Wait for your answer. After selecting your question, a screen will appear while Song Psychic selects the perfect song to respond.

5. Listen and share. Once the answer is revealed, you can listen to the song on Spotify, ask another question, and share your results on social media.

If you accidentally closed Song Psychic, thinking it was an ad, just enter "psychic" in the search bar.

"Rapper and singer-songwriter Baby Tate got a sneak preview of the feature. 'I love when my favorite apps launch new interactive programs, especially ones that let me ask silly questions like 'Should I go to clown school?' Baby Tate shared.  'It gave me an amazing answer: my song ‘Yasss Queen.’ It’s so chaotic but SO good. I can’t wait to ask Song Psychic more silly questions and see what songs I’m recommended!'" Spotify shares in the announcement.

Song Psychic is available to free and Premium subscribers in 64 markets and in 21 languages, TechCrunch reports. But make sure your Spotify app is up-to-date.