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Marketing for Independent Artists Is Going to Be Easier with This Collab

Photo by Zachary Nelson / Unsplash

SymphonyOS, the AI-powered marketing platform for creators, has announced a strategic partnership with CD Baby, a major indie music distributor. The collaboration aims to streamline marketing efforts of the 2 million independent artists currently using CD Baby's platform with SymphonyOS' advanced suite of marketing tools, that typically requires a full marketing team to execute.

The SymphonyOS platform provides creators and artists with an innovative approach to marketing, offering complete rollouts tailored to each artist's goals. This includes considerations for target audiences, specific channels, and a recommended marketing cadence, addressing the challenges of breaking through the oversaturation of daily uploads to digital service providers (DSPs).

With this partnership, artists distributing their music through CD Baby gain access to a range of benefits, including seamless business building and the execution of marketing campaigns to boost streams and increase sales. Furthermore, artists can now claim discounted access to SymphonyOS Pro through CD Baby's Tools & Promotions page, utilising insights gathered from marketing principles derived from over 125 million fans.

Scott Williams, President of CD Baby, shared in a press release, "At CD Baby, we are committed to offering new ways to support artist distribution and marketing, and SymphonyOS is one of the innovative tools we are excited to make available to our customers."

CD Baby, boasting a global reach serving 2 million creators with over 20 million tracks, faces the challenge of standing out in an era of 100,000+ daily uploads to DSPs. The partnership with SymphonyOS is expected to help CD Baby artists cut through the noise, providing them with a competitive edge in the fierce battle for listener attention.

Megh Vakharia, Co-founder and CEO of SymphonyOS, stated in a press release "We are all about empowering artists to grow their fan bases, and nobody has more experience helping independent creators reach fans than CD Baby. Now those creators can boost their growth with Symphony’s intuitive automated marketing tools in their back pocket."

The SymphonyOS platform employs AI-generated tools to execute comprehensive custom marketing rollouts, breaking down campaign and Instagram insights while tracking content with easy-to-read visualisations. One of the standout features is the Forever Saves option, allowing fans to effortlessly subscribe to a creator's releases, automatically adding new music to their libraries upon release across major streaming platforms.

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