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This New Triad Takes AI Solutions for Labels, Publishers & DSPs to the Next Level

Photo by Jonas Zürcher / Unsplash

As we see more and more AI tools emerging monthly, companies are acknowledging the necessity of combining multiple AI-driven solutions to address unique and complex projects. Only a few days ago, SoundCloud announced it had joined forces with three AI music companies—Fadr, Voice-Swap, and Soundful to allow creators to directly upload AI-assisted music on its platform.

Now, a new collaboration is on the horizon, this time geared towards supporting enterprises and businesses.

Music.AI, a recently launched platform by an AI music company Moises, has announced the integration of two AI modules into its platform. The collaboration includes Masterchannel's AI mastering and spatial audio mastering and Cyanite's AI-based music tagging and search solutions. These modules are now accessible to all users.

Cyanite, known for AI-based solutions generating comprehensive metadata, aids labels, publishers, and DSPs in organising, managing, and distributing their media catalogues efficiently and offers AI-based tagging and music search as-a-service.

Masterchannel is a Norwegian company that creates industry-first AI approaches to traditional mastering and spatial audio mastering. Leveraging Music.AI, record labels can integrate high-fidelity stem separation with Masterchannel's Spatial Audio Mastering module for efficient processing and remastering of extensive catalogues. Which is good news, considering that major streaming platforms have introduced incentives for artists who upload tracks in spatial audio. Apple Music, for instance, is going to pay 10% higher royalties to those artists who upload tracks in spatial audio even if listeners don't choose the Atmos version of the song.

We recently reported about Masterchannel's another collaboration. The company teamed up with a Grammy-winning engineer Wez Clarke to announce the "world's first AI clone of a sound engineer." Masterchannel used the new algorithm by emulating the expertise of Clarke, which is akin to voice cloning, as per the team. The algorithm studied Clarke's works, identified distinctive traits, and generated a matrix of decisions that Clarke might make. You can check our story about that to learn how it works. The company also confirmed it raised over $350,000 in investment via StartupLab, the most active early stage investor in Norway.

As per Music.AI, positioned as a hub for AI-driven audio solutions, the collaboration aims to provide value to enterprises seeking to implement AI for audio-related products and services at scale.

Geraldo Ramos, CEO and Co-Founder of Music.AI, shared in a press release, "Music.AI is a leap into the future of an AI-powered music industry. By combining our technological infrastructure with innovative modules like Masterchannel and Cyanite, Music.AI is set to become the foundational fabric for any company that wants to scale and quickly adopt AI without an in-house research and development team."

Matt Henninger, VP of Sales and Business Development, stated, "With a blend of creativity and expertly developed AI models, Music.AI is well-positioned to become the world’s most comprehensive and capable AI ecosystem specializing in music and audio."

The integration of Masterchannel's spatial mastering with Music.AI's stem separation technology allows for a streamlined workflow, enabling the production of spatial mixes at scale. And Cyanite's metadata tagging, coupled with Music.AI's stem separation, lyric transcription, and alignment modules, empowers enterprise customers, including labels, publishers, and DSPs, to conduct advanced analytics on in-house and competitive content offerings.