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This AI Clone of a Grammy-Winning Engineer Makes Bedroom Producers' Mixes Sound Studio-Level

Masterchannel teams up with Wez Clarke to launch world's first AI clone of a sound engineer.

Photo by Techivation / Unsplash

Masterchannel, a tool for AI mastering, has announced the launch of the "world's first AI clone of a sound engineer" on its official website. The company's new online mastering technology promises advanced mixing techniques based on the experience of a sound engineer Wez Clarke, known for his work with Beyoncé, Clean Bandit's "Rather Be", which won a Grammy in 2015, Tinie Tempah, and Rudimental. Clarke's involvement in 13 chart-topping UK Number 1 compositions further highlights his expertise, earning him two Grammy nominations.

Masterchannel implemented the new algorithm by emulating the expertise of Clarke, which is akin to voice cloning. The algorithm studied Clarke's works, identified distinctive traits, and generated a matrix of decisions that Clarke might make. The team first gathered information about Wez Clarke's engineering process, the gear he uses, and his listening environment, then taught the system to evaluate the sound of a track according to Wez Clarke's preferences and make adjustments to meet his quality standards.

In exchange for licensing his expertise, Clarke will receive "a fair share of the revenue Masterchannel generates from the Unlimited Pro subscription," which is based solely on the works of the sound engineer and doesn't use copyrighted compositions or materials, addressing controversies in the music industry.

The tool operates autonomously, allowing users to experience the decision-making of Clarke based on their own music. To use the tool, users are offered to drag and drop a mix, have it analysed, and download the output mix.

Image credit: Masterchannel

The company's solution "enriches mastering technologies and enables users to mix their music in Wez Clarke's signature style."

The technology also aims to demonstrate how performers and creative professionals can monetise their expertise using artificial intelligence.

"Producers can get so used to the way their music sounds, and not realise how much better it could get. The clone gives everyone the chance to make their music sound as good as released music, and ultimately they’ll learn how to achieve that professional sound themselves," shared Masterchannel Clarke's vision on their FAQ page.

Clarke believes that the new option will enable him to share his knowledge and experience with a wide range of musicians and performers. The sound engineer's clone is already available to all Masterchannel users. Free-tier users can run their tracks through the algorithm and listen to the results but cannot download the processed file. The option to download the mixed composition is only available to paid-tier users, with platform usage starting at $15 per month when paid annually.