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Have you ever scrolled through Spotify and spotted a familiar song with an unfamiliar E right beside it? What does the E under a song in Spotify mean? Should it prompt any action on your part? There’s much more to learn about this, actually.

Let’s dive right in.

What Does the E Symbol Mean in Spotify?

The Spotify E symbol indicates that a song contains explicit content, mostly in the form of coarse or mature lyrics. These lyrics may include references to drugs, explicit language, or themes of a sexual nature.

The E symbol helps users keep their music appropriate for different situations, like family gatherings or professional settings. This way, people can avoid potentially inappropriate or distracting songs and enjoy their music without any surprises.

How to Filter Explicit Songs on Spotify

You can adjust your content preferences on both mobile/tablet devices and through your Premium Family plan settings.

On mobile and tablet:

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  1. Open Spotify and swipe left or tap on your profile picture.
  2. Select Settings from the menu.
  3. Look for Content Preferences and switch the Allow Explicit Content option on or off according to your preference.

For Premium family accounts on desktop:

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  1. Sign in to your Premium Family account.
  2. Choose the family member you want to adjust settings for.
  3. Switch the Remove Explicit Content option on or off as needed.

Where to Find Clean Versions of Songs on Spotify

If you’re looking for milder versions of songs, keep an eye out for the E symbol next to the track titles we’ve just talked about. You want to steer clear of such tracks. Also, try adding the word clean to your search query.

If you’re on a computer, scroll down on the album page to find more releases of the same album. You’ll see them in the bottom-right corner. If you can’t find this option, it means there are no other versions available on Spotify.

If you’re still having trouble finding a clean version of a song, consider checking other platforms like Apple Music or YouTube. Once you’ve found those clean versions, make a playlist. It saves you from the hassle next time. Whether you’re with kids or just prefer cleaner music, hit play on your playlist for any situation that calls for it.

Are All Explicit Songs Available in Clean Versions?

No, not every explicit song has a clean version. Some artists or labels provide an alternative version without explicit content, but it’s not guaranteed for every song.

Plus, as a listener, there's little you can do about it — either a clean version is available or it’s not. This decision rests with the artists and their teams.

Does E Hurt a Song’s Popularity?

It can, though it’s not a definitive factor. Some listeners actively seek out the ‘real’ version of a song, and others avoid it. The song’s overall appeal, promotion, and audience reception, of course, are more important.

On the whole, explicit content can influence the song’s inclusion in playlists because some curators want to make it as accessible to everyone as possible.

How Can I Promote Music With Explicit Lyrics?

Here are some strategies for you to try:

  • Targeted marketing — Use social media advertising, email marketing, and targeted online campaigns to reach listeners who are more likely to appreciate explicit content.
  • Content warnings — Be transparent about the explicit nature of your music in promotional materials. Content warnings and disclaimers are optimal for this.
  • Engage with communities — Get into online communities and forums that welcome discussions about explicit music.
  • Collaborations — Collaborate with other artists and influencers who are known for producing similarly explicit content. This helps introduce your music to new audiences who are more receptive.
  • Live performances — Skip singing the explicit parts yourself and, instead, hand the microphone to the audience to finish the lyrics. It’s interactive, engaging, and could even go viral.


To conclude, what does the little E mean on Spotify? It’s a warning that a song contains explicit content, like inappropriate lyrics.

Explicit content can be concerning for parents who don’t want their children exposed to such material or for teachers who find certain lyrics unsuitable for school environments like gym class or the schoolyard. Even adults simply prefer not to listen to songs with clean content.

In such cases, seek out versions of the song without the E symbol on Spotify or explore other platforms if the version you want isn’t available. Stay informed and enjoy your music!


Is there NSFW on Spotify?

Yes, Spotify includes NSFW content, which is labeled with EXPLICIT or E tags.

How do I get rid of the E on Spotify?

If you’re an artist, edit song metadata to remove explicit markers and request label change through the song’s distributor or record label.

If you’re a listener, adjust content filter settings in Spotify preferences to hide explicit content. You can also enable parental controls on a family plan to restrict explicit content for specific accounts.

How do I uncensor Spotify?

Adjust the content filter settings in your Spotify account preferences in the app’s settings menu. If you’re part of a family plan, make sure that the parental controls are disabled or adjusted to allow explicit content.

If you believe a song is incorrectly censored, you can report it to Spotify for review.