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French Montana Collabs with AI Beat-Making Platform Soundraw for His "Ride the Wave"

Photo by Yomex Owo / Unsplash

Soundraw, the AI-powered beat-making platform, has announced a collaboration with Grammy-nominated artist French Montana on one of his tracks titled "Ride the Wave," featured in his latest album, Mac & Cheese 5. This collaboration is the first of many artist collaborations expected from Soundraw. Multiple versions of "Ride the Wave" all feature beats made on the Soundraw platform.

Founded by Daigo Kusunoki, Soundraw wants to democratise music creation by providing a royalty-free beat-making platform. Utilising pre-licensed sounds in training its AI, Soundraw enables musicians to experiment with AI without worrying about copyright issues.

"French Montana is known for his tech-savvy approach to music making and the music business, experimenting with NFTs and web3 and pioneering innovative distribution strategies. This openness toward tech extends to AI," shares Soundraw in a press release.

French Montana and the Soundraw team have worked closely to create multiple versions of "Ride the Wave," (which is available to listen to on the Soundraw website) all featuring beats generated on the Soundraw platform to show how artists and producers can leverage AI to change their music production.

"We connected with French Montana via a mutual friend, and he fell in love with Soundraw," explains Soundraw CEO Daigo Kusunoki, a Japanese championship-winning dancer. "We're so thrilled to see how French Montana used our technology to unleash his own, distinctive voice and creativity."

Soundraw, popular among creators, producers, and artists across various genres, currently has over half a million users experimenting with generative music on its platform. Its user-friendly licensing model grants users perpetual rights to their generated content, making it accessible to both casual creators and seasoned producers like French Montana.

French Montana's collaboration with Soundraw adds a new dimension to his production style. "I'm not chasing a perfect eight with a pop hook," he recently told Andre Gee in a Rolling Stone interview. "If you don’t feel that turbulence in your soul when you hear it, I ain’t doing my job."

Apart from French Montana, Soundraw teamed up with Fivio Foreign and Trippie Red as part of their "Hip Hop Collaboration." More artists are expected to join the collab soon.

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